You are Living in the Future!

Remember on Star Trek how they had those amazing hand-held devices that allowed them to communicate wirelessly from long distances… Or that crazy cool watch that Dick Tracy wore… As a side note, are you planning on buying an Apple Watch? I have to admit I want one.

We may not quite have Hoverboards the likes of which Marty McFly rode in Back to the Future II, but we’re even getting closer on that front! If you haven’t seen it, be sure and check out the video with Tony Hawk.

We are living in the future! This past week was a busy one in Dentistry. Our friends at Sirona have been working hard to create the future for the dental practice by building the tools that directly impact patient care and practice workflow.

First the announcement that via CEREC Ortho Software you will be able to submit your cases to Invisalign! Fully digital workflow. No messy impressions.

And then on Saturday morning, by the magic of the interwebs, I learned about this…

CEREC created digital impressions with the first dental CAD/CAM system 30 years ago. Pioneered single visit restorative dentistry. Delivered the Omnicam with powder-free, color streaming image capture. Created a seamless, fully-digital workflow for restoratively driven implant planning and placement. And now delivers your practice with a cart-free Omnicam with CEREC AF.

If it has been more than 12 months since you’ve explored whether CEREC is right for your practice, the time is now to schedule an in-office evaluation or attend a CEREC Accept program.

This September we will celebrate CEREC’s 30th birthday in Las Vegas.

Is it time for you to celebrate what CEREC can do for you and your patients?

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