What do you fill your head with? In recent years I have fallen in love with reading.

Here you will find an incomplete list of books that I’ve read, along with at least a few nuggets that resonated with me.

 The Go-Giver – Bob Burg and John David Mann

Told as a parable from the vantage point of a sales professional trying to find his way.

“Most of us have grown up seeing the world as a place of limitation rather than as a place of inexhaustible treasures. A world of competition rather than one of co-creation.”

“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”

“The Third Law of Influence: Your Influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first.”

If you appreciate the theme of those excerpts from The Go-Giver, you will love this quick read as much as I do.


Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think

Doing this one on audiobook, and all I can say is WOW! If the notion has ever occurred to you that you have more to contribute, then pick this up now. Peter Diamandis challenges you to begin thinking exponentially, using examples like Elon Musk, and his own experience in developing the X Prize.


The Art of Non Conformity

Chris Guillebeau is an interesting hombre. Also author of The $100 Startup which is a must read for any aspiring entrepreneur. Chris has literally visited every country in the world, and if you are even remotely interested in breaking from the mundane, he’s your guru.

Choose Yourself

James Altucher is irreverent, brilliant and compassionate. His style is honest, at times painfully so. A truly prolific writer, his blog is a journey in itself, I find Choose Yourself to be his seminal work. James takes an honest look at the current economic environment, and challenges you to do work that matters.

Farenheit 451

I first read Farenheit 451 when I was young, and didn’t fully appreciate the scope of societal commentary. I pull this one off the shelf and dust it off about every two years.

Start With Why

Your future self will thank you for reading Simon Sinek’s Start With Why. Sinek makes a compelling case for the psychology about how we make decisions and how ideas spread. Get a copy in hard cover and grab your highlighter.

The Little Red Book of Selling

One of my favorite all-time sales books by none other than Jeffrey Gitomer. Gitomer started me on the path of thinking about sales, not in the context of what I was selling, rather in how I could best help my customers.


I’m not sure that I can adequately express how moving I am finding this story. Louis Zamperini’s journey through WWII, and the detail with which it is recounted places you in the throws of this horrific chapter in human history. A story of hope in the face of adversity – I can not recommend this book enough. I have not yet seen the film, but plan to do so.


The Challenger Sale

Story Driven

Profit First

The Pumpkin Plan

Deep Work

Tools of Titans

The Energy Bus

The Art of War

The War of Art

Anything You Want – Derek Sivers

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Cialdini

Find Your Why

Ready Player One

Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination

The Inevitable – Kevin Kelly

Building a StoryBrand – Donald Miller

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson

They Ask You Answer

10% Happier

The ONE Thing

The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman

Small Giants – Bo Burlingham

Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsei

Traction – Gino Wickman

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Think and Grow Rich

Man’s Search for Meaning

Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey

The Checklist Manifesto

Richard Branson: Like a Virgin

RIchard Branson: Business Stripped Bare

The 4-Hour Workweek – Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Body – Tim Ferriss

The Impact Equation

The Power of Consistency


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The Upside of Fear

The Lean Startup

The Thank You Economy


Way of the Peaceful Warrior


Crush It

Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination

Built to Love: Creating Products that Captivate Customers

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

Animal Farm


The Go-Giver

The Pumpkin Plan

The War of Art


Awaken the Giant Within

Zero to One

Made to Stick

The Icarus Deception – Seth Godin

The Slight Edge

Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl

Execution – Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

Linchpin – Seth Godin

Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell


In the Queue

Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big

E-Myth Revisited

Ego is the Enemy

Turning Pro

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Drive – Daniel Pink

Influence – Robert Chialdini

The Ultimate Sales Machine – Chet Holmes

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big – Scott Adams

Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t – Steven Pressfield

Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

Island – Aldous Huxley

Leading and Inspired Life – Jim Rohn

Born Standing Up – Steve Martin



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